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  • Asphalt Turbo v1.4.5706 مهكره

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    Asphalt Turbo Racing is a realistic simulation racing game in asphalt road of city, the players need change lanes to overtake constantly, get high level turbo, rush other cars to keep accelerating, complete the mission of the game, break the record of the racing distance.

    ☆ By raising different attributes of the car, make the car stronger, overtake deftly, get advanced turbo.
    ☆ Career mode includes rich tasks, so you can finish them and become the king of the asphalt.
    ☆ More other modes have different ways of playing , you can challenge the well-matched opponents and experience the different type of racing.
    ☆ Track enviroment at different times, so that you can drive on the streets during the day, on the outskirts at dusk, in the downtown at night.
    ☆ Meet the challenge of unexpected opponents to get the extra bonus, even escape the police arrest.

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