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  • Pesgalaxy Patch 2018 0.50

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    – 10 additional fully licensed federal teams with correct logos, kits (beta) and cadres

    – All other federal teams with correct logos, kits and game players

    – Fully licensed Premier League, Championship, Serie A, League NOS and La Liga with correct team names, logos and kits

    – Serie B and La Liga 123 with correct team names and logos

    – Fake players of all national teams, the Campeonato Brasileiro and Classic teams replaced or renamed

    – Jerseys for all national teams added (partial PES2017 kits)

    – Trainers and home stadiums of all European teams adapted including coaches pictures all European and stadium pictures for all first-class European teams

    – rivals for all European teams

    – Fan- / stadium banners for all Bundesliga clubs as well as some European top clubs added

    – Minifaces (setup images) for Premier League, Bundesliga and Classic Teams added

    – Switch incl. DPFileList Editor, 21 Champions League Presserums, repetition animations and controller button representations (XBOX, PS)

    – 12 new players’ tuition including return of Neymar’s tattoos

    – Alphabetical sorting of teams in their leagues

    – Implementation of the latest LiveUpdate and DataPack 1.0

    – online-compatible content

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